7 speedy ‘P’s to interview greatness

7 speedy ‘P’s to interview greatness

Date: 22/11/2012
Source: Abintegro/HDA


– Spend time researching the industry, the organisation and what it does, competitors, customers and the culture. 
– Check out the interviewer for things you have in common and for small talk at the start of the interview. 
– Prepare a few insightful questions about the role, the company, the culture, the interviewer’s interest in the industry etc.
– Know your CV inside out and be able to highlight your most relevant skills.

– Rehearse your answers to interview questions out loud; do online mock interviews; practice talking ‘about yourself’ or ‘why you want to leave your current job’, for example. 

– Try out the journey a few days before and make sure you get there in plenty of time on the day. Give yourself an extra 30 minutes to get there – just in case. 

– Make sure your phone is switched off, get rid of your gum, give a firm handshake and make eye contact with the interviewer.
– Be polite and considerate to everyone you meet. 

– Present yourself appropriately: shiny shoes, clean clothes etc. Find out what the dress code is, but if you’re not sure always err on the side of the conservative. 

– Be friendly and smile; be confident and open in your body language. 

– Project a positive attitude; show you can learn from challenging experiences; demonstrate resourcefulness and convey enthusiasm about the company and the role.