Out of 62% of people that have set themselves a new years resolution only a tiny 8% will actually succeed. The top 4 new years resolutions are:

1. Loose weight  2. Drink Less  3. Get a new job/education 4. Be less stressed

If you want to be one of those 8% the best way to succeed is with support.  A couple of things you can do to increase your success is to write down your goal with a target date, in the present tense. ‘It is March and I am in a new job and loving it’. It is proven if you write your goals down and look at them daily you will have more success.

If you have a leaky tap what would you do…? You would call a plumber, if your car breaks down what would you do? Call a mechanic… Let the same be said for your new years resolutions. If you want any advice on health matters speak to Rose at Bodybeats fitness or Helen at Hypnoslim,  if you are thinking about changing jobs, need a new CV, looking for a promotion or need to re-train give me a call and lets make 2013 your year!

Happy New Year

Claire Aydogan

Next Steps Career Coaching