Most people just turn up to an interview with nothing more than a sharp suit, a big smile and a positive attitude (and some forget even those), but there are a few things you can take to an interview that can really improve your chance of getting the job: 

Take two copies of your CV. Don’t assume that the interviewer has a copy. Offer one to the interviewer and keep one for yourself so you can both reference your CV. It’s also useful to have your CV in case you need to use information on it to fill in any application forms. 

Print out a list of your references, but make sure you’ve double-checked all the information and spelling etc 

Bring a notebook. This may seem a little strange, but not only can you note down in advance any questions you want to ask about the company or points in your experience that you’d like to highlight, but you can also do the very rarely seen, but highly valued candidate action of making notes throughout the interview. 

An interviewer wants to see that you’re interested enough in the company to make a point of writing things down and you should be: when you leave the interview you’ll probably be a bit fuzzy on the details that will help you make an informed decision as to whether you take the job or not: your notes will help you with that decision. 

Don’t spend the entire meeting scribbling into your book though. Your note-taking should be barely noticed by the interviewer. 

Take some examples of your work. This may not be relevant to your line of work, but if it helps to illustrate the quality or type of work you do then it will definitely have a positive effect. You could also show graphs that demonstrate how you saved or made your company money over a given period or you could bring in any outstanding evaluations you’ve received. Only take in the outstanding ones though. 

Your mobile phone could save your life in getting to the interview. Even if you’ve left hours to get there and planned to arrive the requisite 15 minutes beforehand, a Google Map or a phone call could rescue you in an unforeseen emergency. 

Oh and maybe some mints…