Here are ten important things you can do following the news of redundancy:

1. Create yourself a plan for the next few weeks, understand from your current employer what entitlement you have to job search and attend interviews, and USE this time wisely. It is a known fact that planning and having a clear set of objectives leads to finding employment far quicker than without

2. Understand your financial position, when do you need to generate an income by?

3. Work out what you would most like to do next, self-employed, full time role, charity work, retire?  Look at the skills you have and spend some time understanding your strengths.

4. Work on aligning your CV to roles that genuinely interest you.

5. Create or update your linked in account – let people know that you are available for work. Ask for endorsements or recommendations for your work.

6. Spend some time thinking who in your current network could have contacts or opportunities for work. 80% of people find work through their own networks, rather than advertised roles.

7. Contact agencies that are specific to the sector you want to work in.

8. Contact the job centre, you may be eligible for new business funding or support for training requirements.

9. Use a blend of online job searches and set up regular job alerts. Ensure you use the advanced search option to bring back the most relevant results.

10, Above all, Keep going, you will get rejections, you may not even get responses from some applications. keep going…. one of your efforts will pay off.