How to find a job when you already have one

How to find a job when you already have one

Source: Businessinsider


Looking for a job can be a full time job in itself so if you already have a job it can all get rather challenging. Also if you don’t want to lose your current position before you get a new one you need to be careful with how you go about it. Qualification and discretion are your watchwords.

First of all make sure you really want a new job: it’s hard work so be sure you’re not job-hunting because you’ve just had an off week. If, however, that Sunday afternoon feeling (round about Songs of Praise time) becomes intolerable, you’re probably doing the right thing.

You’re in the happy position of not being desperate for a job, so don’t waste your time applying to jobs you don’t really care about. It’s not about quantity: choose ten jobs that really excite you and chase those rather than 50 that are ok.

You also need to schedule time for your job search otherwise you’ll never do it. Make some time each day or at certain times in the week and stick to it, but don’t do your job searching at work. Similarly, if you get offered an interview, either schedule it early morning or late afternoon or take a day’s holiday. Don’t let it interfere with your current job.

At the interview, never say anything negative about your current employer. Instead use the opportunities that the new company offers over your current one as the reason you’re leaving; explain about needing new personal challenges and your admiration for the new company.

Avoid telling your colleagues that you’re on the lookout for a job or that you’re interviewing, as you never know who they’ll repeat it to, however innocently.

And finally, it’s ok not to list your current boss as a reference. The future employer will understand if you explain that your current employer doesn’t know you’re looking.