Using social media to sparkle at your interview


            If you want to stand out at your next interview you know you need to do your research. In addition to looking at the company website and trade magazines etc spend some time on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to get the inside track on the position, your interviewer, the culture and industry trends.
LinkedIn If the job was suggested to you by one of your connections, regardless of how remote that connection may be, contact them and find out what it’s like to work there and what the interviews tend to be like.
Make sure you follow the company’s own page, which will be full of recent events, plus you’ll be able to see all the people you’re connected to who work or have worked for the company.
Join a company or industry specific discussion group and find out what everyone is talking about right now. Ask questions about these topics at your interview.
Check out your interviewer’s LinkedIn profile to find out more about where they’ve worked or how long they’ve been at the company.
Twitter Tweets give you a really good idea of the company culture i.e. whether they are strict, prudent and corporate or relaxed, engaging and humorous.
Learn about new projects and campaigns and bring them up at the interview. Demonstrate an interest in what the company is doing and show your appreciation if you like it.
Your interviewer’s tweets may reveal a more personal side than their LinkedIn profile. They could present a good opportunity for an ice-breaker at the interview If you have hobbies in common, for example.
Facebook Try engaging with the company’s recruiters by posting a comment on the company Facebook page.
If a Facebook friend has referred you for the job, make sure you milk them for all the details you can about the company and how to get through the interview successfully.
Social media makes information about the employer and your interviewer more accessible than ever. Knowledge from these sources will not only give you confidence and a better sense of what to expect, but it will also demonstrate to the employer that you are serious about the job and serious about setting yourself apart from other candidates.