The 10 reasons you should think about changing jobs

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One of the hardest parts of having a job is knowing when it’s the right time to leave it. Obviously everyone hits bumps in the road sometimes in their career and these passing challenges are vital for your development.
The following points are not about temporary blips. If you consistently have any of the following negative experiences in your job, it may be time to start looking around for something better:
1. You’re not having fun anymore, you dread going back to work after a break, you tune out all the time in meetings or you find yourself moaning a lot about everything.
2.  You’re not learning anything new, not being challenged or not being given enough responsibility, despite frequently asking for it.
3. Your relationship with your boss is irretrievable either due to your own behaviour or theirs. Your manager has a big impact on your career success – if you don’t get on, get out.
4. The business is in serious trouble. If the company is losing customers and money and there are rumours of possible closures start looking at your options.
5.  You don’t agree with the culture or ethics of the business.
6. You’re so stressed out all the time that it is affecting your mental and physical health and your personal relationships.
7. You’re being overlooked, haven’t received good feedback for a long time or  are not progressing fast enough. It’s a sign you could be stagnating or you’re just not being appreciated.
8. You simply want a completely different career and there are no available positions in the new field with your current employer.
9.  You don’t enjoy your colleagues’ company anymore and have stopped socialising with them.
10. You don’t want your manager’s job. If you’re not excited about getting to the next rung on the ladder then you’ve probably lost interest in your own job.
Recognise if you’re not happy; explore the options with your current employer and if they’re limited, move on.