The latest and strangest interview questions: Business acumen and current affairs

Reference: HDA             

            There’s nothing less helpful to an interviewer than a canned answer. They learn very little about the candidate and they get bored.
So to spice things up a bit they throw in some weird and unexpected questions. It’s also a great test of how the candidate responds to the unexpected situations they will undoubtedly face once they start work.
So do not panic, get angry or upset and don’t give up if you are faced with these questions. Show how you would deal with curve balls that might come your way in business; demonstrate your ability to stay calm and think on your feet.
Some questions are designed to examine your personality, logic or mathematical ability. The following questions, taken largely from Glassdoor’s list of weird interview questions of 2012, are testing your business brain, your entrepreneurial spirit, your ability to plan, your ambition and your awareness of the world around you.
“How would you fix the US economy?”(Asked by Amazon for a senior technical manager position).  See also “how would you cure world hunger?”
“[Amazon CEO] Jeff Bezos walks into your office and says you can have a million dollars to launch your best entrepreneurial idea. What is it?”  (Asked at Amazon, product development candidate).
“Would you have invaded Iraq if you were Tony Blair?” (Asked by a local newspaper for a trainee reporter role).
In preparation, make sure your knowledge of current affairs is up to scratch. Focus on any news that’s specifically relevant to the role, company or industry. If you’re applying to a particularly cultural or a particularly entrepreneurial company think through what they are likely to ask you.
Don’t question the value of the enquiry itself and don’t introduce controversial or political topics unless the organisation is overtly political.
These questions give you the opportunity to reveal your vision, attitude, logic and compassion. Take a moment to compose yourself and talk the interviewer through your answer.