7 reasons introverts are more successful

16 May 2013 behaviours, communication, Reference: USA Today; CNN; Forbes                

 On the surface extroverts often seem like the stronger choice when selecting a candidate or building a team, but according to a study, it’s the introverts who, in the long run, come out on top.
Here are seven introvert personality traits that are a major benefit in the workplace:
1. They are good listeners and so make good sounding boards. 2. They are calm and can be reassuring to a team in a crisis. 3. They worry about what others think so tend to be hard workers. 4. They can be more approachable, which makes them better mentors. 5. They are often better at empathising with others. 6. Due to their tendency to speak quietly and reasonably, ask questions and listen carefully they often make excellent negotiators. 7. They focus on their cause rather than their ego.
Managers should recognise the value of introverted employees and encourage them to speak out more often, as their input will be valuable to the team.
If you’re an introvert it’s important you appreciate your strengths and realise that speaking up is not about self-promotion or confronting others, but about sharing your wisdom, ideas and insights with others who can really benefit from what you have to say.