10 tips for assessment centre success

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            The biggest reasons people underperform at assessment centres are because they don’t know what to expect or how to prepare and they are understandably nervous.
Here are some tips to get you through your next assessment centre:
1. Find out…exactly what you are going to face by reading through carefully everything they have given you and looking on the company website or contacting the organisation and asking.
2. Prepare…as much as you can beforehand by researching the the company, market, competitors, role and required skills thoroughly and completing everything they’ve asked you to do in advance.
3. Practise…whichever tests you are going to face. Verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning tests, for example, are widely available online.
4. Bring…all the information or specific documents you are required to bring in order to progress.
5. Introduce yourself… to the assessors and other candidates when you arrive. Be friendly and interested in them. Talking will help you get over your initial nervousness too.
6. Be natural… because the employer is looking for a certain type of person to fill the role. If you’re not that type of person then the role is probably not for you anyway.
7. Assign roles… to each member of your group or make each person accountable for a given activity in the exercise. It’s more about helping to set up a structure than claiming the role of chairperson.
8. Be aware.. of the level of your contribution. It is about quality rather than quantity and as much about the questions you ask as the points you make.
9. Respect…and listen carefully to everyone’s point of view; credit others and refer to their points. Don’t leave anyone behind no matter how quiet they may initially be.
10. Be calm… and considered and keep your emotions in check; be confident, but never aggressive.
It’s important to realise that you are not in competition with the other candidates. If you are all good enough they will take you all or they may not take any of you. Building bridges with other candidates early on will actually help you to perform better throughout the day.
Assessment centres are not designed to trip you up; they simulate the sorts of situations you may face if you got the job and they enable the employer to see how you perform in those ‘real life’ situations. Remember that it is also a good opportunity for you to gauge if the role is right for you too.