The 5 things you should do at the end of your day

Sep 2013
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Reference: Forbes

There is much written about what you should do at the beginning of your day, but what you do at the end is just as important. Allow yourself time at the beginning and end of your day as bookends to make your time spent at work more efficient and the time you spend at home something completely separate.

1. Get yourself organised for tomorrow: run through today’s to-do list and see if there are any quick items you can tick off or plan to do tomorrow morning; tidy up your desk so you’re not facing mess and confusion the next morning and check your diary for tomorrow so there are no shocks.

2. Do the little bits you’ve been putting off all day such as sending the quick emails you keep forgetting to send, finishing the spreadsheet/updating the progress chart and organising your computer files and folders.

3. Exchange status and progress updates with your boss and colleagues so everyone starts on the same page tomorrow, particularly if there’s something big happening.

4. Leave on a good note: reflect on what went well and mentally make a note of what you achieved today.

5. Make an effort to disconnect: Ignore the non-urgent emails that come in as you’re about to leave; don’t stay just to be the last to leave – eventually it’ll wear you out, but do make sure you aren’t abandoning colleagues that may need you and finally leave work at work and be present for whoever you are heading home to.

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