It’s not me; it’s you

Oct 2013

Reference: Seth Godin

How many times do you blame the other person when they don’t understand something? Granted sometimes your listener may just be pig-headed, narrow-minded or being deliberately obtuse, but aren’t we all sometimes?

Our views and ways of understanding are made up of our own lifetime of experiences and they can be difficult to change.
If you’re trying to convince someone of something, market something or explain something to them and they are not buying it, maybe you’re just not selling it in the right way for them.

So before you dismiss someone as stupid or ill-informed, listen carefully to what they are telling you, think about it from their point of view and then find a story that resonates with them. 

Tell your story, give your explanation, market your idea, but do it in a way that makes sense to them not just in a way that makes sense to you.