The good side of performance appraisals

May 2014
in employment
Reference: Performance Appraisal;; what is human resource

Performance appraisals have a rather uncomfortable association with judgement. The performance of the employee is, after all, being appraised – similes for which are valued, judged, assessed or evaluated. As such employees tend to feel defensive and stressed at the prospect of an appraisal.

The evaluation element of the appraisal is important to the organisation. It allows them to check that the employee has understood the requirements of the role, is aware of objectives and is achieving them; it enables comparison with the progress of other employees and it gives them information on the effectiveness of their recruiting process – how are recruits we brought on two years ago doing now? A performance appraisal enables them to understand the balance of talent across the organisation, determine organisational training needs and is often the only way that organisations can determine who gets the promotions and the rewards.

However, performance appraisals have other clear benefits to the employee and ultimately the manager and the organisation that are not about comparison or evaluation against a scale. 

This is your chance to be formally recognised for your achievements. So filling in that form correctly and being very clear about what you have done is vital. That recognition is not just a box-ticking exercise it is what gives you the motivation to achieve more. It will make you feel more valued, part of the team, more committed to your role and the organisation and your job satisfaction will increase.

This is not about your being labelled as someone that ‘requires development’, but about putting forward the case that you’d like the opportunity to train in a specific area. Discussing your career aspirations with your manager could also highlight areas that you need to develop to achieve your longer term goals. The performance appraisal is your chance to develop and progress. 

One-on-one time
Getting your supervisor’s undivided attention for this amount of time is likely to be a rare occurrence so this is your opportunity to talk about issues that might not otherwise be addressed. It is a chance to discover what you need to work on to make sure you continue to get better and better. Think carefully about what you need to talk about and don’t waste your time together.

So the next time you are facing an appraisal remember that this is not simply about a judgement of your efforts; it is also a mechanism to allow you to improve your job satisfaction, motivation, progress and overall well-being at work. For more information on Appraisal systems or coaching for performance contact Claire or Margaret on 07771 332204.