What successful people do before breakfast
Oct 2014
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Reference: Business Time; Life Hack; Forbes
We can all sympathise with what it means to not be a ‘morning person’. After all, what sane individual genuinely relishes swapping the sanctuary of a nice, warm bed for a hard day at the coalface?

That said, few would deny that there’s a correlation between high achievers and those who use their pre-breakfast time productively. Having somehow resisted the temptation to put the alarm clock on snooze, the real question is just what are these superhumans up to during these ungodly hours. Here are a few early morning rituals you could adopt:

1. Exercising
Natural endorphins and improved blood-flow to the brain perhaps explain why early morning exercisers perform so well throughout the rest of the day. Boshing out a 10k run and a swim before sunrise is probably unrealistic for many of us, so start with things you can do easily at home and build from there.

2. Planning
Early morning is the perfect time to put together a to-do list and map out your day before work and other unwelcome distractions start piling up. Half an hour of careful (post-coffee) planning can make the rest of the day run more smoothly.

3. Prioritising
Start with the most unpleasant, gruesome task on your list. If you can’t face doing it now, you’re unlikely to be any better disposed after a full day of hard grind. Getting it out the way will help you start the day with a sense of achievement… and relief.

4. Focusing
Unless you’re a lighthouse keeper, how much time for quiet reflection can you realistically expect to have during the day? A few minutes’ meditation or deep breathing can help focus your thoughts and better equip you for the day’s challenges.

5. Family time
Surprisingly, end of day fatigue and quality time with spouse/children are not always a winning combination. Spending time with your loved ones before the daily rush makes for a happy home and a rewarding start to the day.

Of course, as any successful early riser will tell you, the first pre-requisite for joining the pre-breakfast club is a solid night’s sleep. Failing this, your early mornings are more likely to be spent zombiefied than energised, so set yourself an early bed time and stick to it.