You may be a highly competent Skype or FaceTime user by now, but interviewing for a job over video can still be a fairly daunting experience.

There are essentially two forms of video interviews: the live versions and the taped or on-demand format. The latter require you to record your answers in your own time and send them back to the employer to review at their leisure.

The growing popularity of video interviews has added an extra layer of professionalism to the process. Transmitting from a dimply lit room with a fuzzy picture and crackly sound really isn’t going to cut it.

Whether technophile or phobe, here are some handy tecchy tips to help you through the experience.

1. Invest in the right equipment
If you want your transmission to have that professional look you can’t really rely on your built-in laptop camera and microphone. If you’re serious about looking more movie star and less slightly pasty amateur invest in an external HD camera, a high quality microphone and some lighting.

2. Set the scene
Preparation is everything. You can’t afford just to power up your laptop on the day and hope for the best. Think of it as staging your own mini production – you are the director, cameraman and lighting director all rolled into one.

• ‘Recce’ a few potential locations: you are looking for a quiet, bright, uncluttered space with a neutral background where you won’t be disturbed. Bathroom or car are NOT viable options!

• Make sure your face is fully visible; for the best view, position the camera at a good height so that it’s looking down at you from a slight angle – your looking up is always more flattering. For a simple, but effective lighting solution position two lights in front of you on either side of the screen – ordinary lights can be clamped to the screen.

3. Foresee potential problems
While technical glitches can happen, they still reflect badly on you and are best avoided.

• Make sure you have good power supply and that your battery is fully charged just in case you have to move location.

• If you’re interviewing live check that your internet is running at a good speed. Make sure you’re not doing anything that could affect the video quality like downloading.

4. Don’t forget those last-minute safety checks
Those final minutes before the interview are crucial. If you’re interviewing live it’s a good idea to log in early to give yourself time to get ready and deal with any issues.

However, make sure you don’t accidentally start transmitting before you’re ready – put the microphone on mute and pop a post-it note on the camera screen just in case. Then give the camera lens a wipe to remove any smudges.

The trick to a successful video interview is to approach it as you would the traditional, face-to-face version, while not underestimating the differences. Some will be more confident using technology than others, but time taken to properly prepare will truly make all the difference.

Source: Abintegro News