On-demand (also known as digital) interviews allow companies to send pre-recorded questions to prospective employees, whose answers are then recorded and sent back for review.

Not having to interview candidates face to face represents an important time saving for busy hiring managers who may also enjoy the opportunity to scrutinise interviewees’ answers in more depth. On-demand interviews can also provide access to a wider pool of talent, including ‘passive candidates’ whose ability to interview is limited by their current work commitments.

From a candidate’s perspective, the best preparation for an on-demand interview is perhaps to reflect on what your reviewer or hiring manager is really looking for. You also need to anticipate any issues that could be flagged up when it comes to reviewing your recording.

These are some of the more important things your interviewer will be hoping to see:

1. That you are organised and prepared
This means you’ve done your research about the company, but you’ve also got to grips with the process technically. So check your internet connection, check your webcam is working and you are positioned correctly. Your time to answer the question may be pre-determined by the employer and you also may not be able to re-try your answer. So prepare as much as you can and focus on giving relevant, concise answers – but don’t rush!

2. That you are engaged and engaging
Don’t be fooled by the one-sided element of the interview: your reviewer will still be looking for signs of engagement and interpersonal skills. Making eye contact with the camera, having good posture and facial expressions consistent with what you are saying are all important for engagement. Let your personality shine through regardless of how alien the situation may feel. Smile.

3. That you are professional
Don’t interview while driving or from a coffee shop – select a location that looks and sounds as professional as possible. Remember the standard rules of face-to-face interviews still apply, so keep your clothing and appearance smart and simple.

4. You – and hear you
Your hiring manager needs to be able to see and hear you properly. So the room you choose should be quiet and well-lit with no clutter to distract them. Make sure you enunciate clearly and deliver your answers directly into the camera.

While it may not feel like it, an on-demand interview is still very much a two-sided process and it’s worth reminding yourself that there’s another person on the other side of the webcam.


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19 Jan 2017