Very few interviews go perfectly. However, there are some common, but easily avoided mistakes that can have a big, bad impact on your interview. Here are the blunders you need to be aware of:

1. Not researching
Research is key to the success of your interview. It will tell the interviewer how much you want the job and it will give you confidence.
• Find out about the industry and the organisation – what it does, its competitors, customers and cultures.
• Check out your interviewer on LinkedIn to see what they’re interested in or if you have any history/companies in common.

2. Not preparing
Preparation isn’t just about research or a quick skim of the job description. Preparation will allow you to do justice to your experience, your knowledge and your expectations.
• Think through likely questions and work out how you’re going to answer them
• Consider a few insightful questions for you to ask about the role, company, culture etc
• Know your CV inside out and be able to highlight your most relevant skills.
• Be ready to answer questions on salary. Don’t wing it on the day.

3. Not practicing
Rehearsing your answers and your questions out loud helps you to formulate articulate phrases. Practise talking about yourself or why this is the perfect job for you, for example.

4. Being late
It’s nearly impossible to recover from being late for an interview, so why take the risk? Don’t plan to get there a few minutes early; plan to get there an hour early and then go for a coffee.

5. Being rude
If you’re shy or just nervous you may not be aware that the vibe you’re giving off is one of arrogance or rudeness. It’s important to make a concerted effort to be polite to everyone you meet: receptionists, other staff and interviewers.
• Make eye contact, smile and give a firm handshake
• Switch off your phone and get rid of your chewing gum.

6. Presenting the wrong image
Wearing the wrong clothes can ruin the first impression you make. So find out what the dress code is before the interview.
• If in doubt, wear a suit.
• Make sure your clothes are clean and your shoes are shiny.
• Take care with your hair and makeup.

None of this is rocket science, but they are mistakes that candidates make again and again, frustrating employers that hoped this would be the candidate that would shine. The advice offers simple steps, which, if you really want the job, you must follow.

Reference: Abintegro; US news
02 Feb 2017
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