Hiring managers and recruiters are rapidly waking up to the value of intrapreneurship and the value that entrepreneurially-minded employees can bring to their organisation.

This is clearly great news for job seekers of the entrepreneurial persuasion; however, it’s incumbent on you to make sure these talents shine through during the application process.

Here are the kinds of qualities you should be looking to demonstrate and how to go about it:

1. Be passionate
What sets intrapreneurs apart from other employees is their deep regard for the organisation they work for. They want to help drive the company forward and view their own success and that of their organisation as one and the same.

Identify what you are passionate about (be it a hobby or specific aspects of your work or studies) and show how you’ve channelled this for the greater good of others – this could be an example of where you’ve taken charge of a project and made it a success by galvanising those around you.

2…. But commercially aware
Your passion needs to be shown to be being channelled in the right way, however. At their core, intrapreneurs possess a high level of commercial awareness – they understand what makes businesses tick and therefore know where they can add value.

As a job seeker, you need to demonstrate a deep interest in the organisation you are applying to. Research them thoroughly; show that you recognise their strengths and weaknesses and that you understand the market place in which they are operating. Don’t be afraid to articulate your ideas about where you think the market is going and where new opportunities may lie.

3. Making good use of resources
Resourcefulness is another key ingredient in intrapreneurs – it’s about having the ability to solve problems and find new solutions through good sense and intuition.

During your interview outline ways in which you’ve drawn on your available resources in order to achieve positive outcomes. This could include effective time management, the organisation of a successful event, solving a problem that flummoxed others, identifying and utilising the skills of the people at your disposal more effectively, or a process you tweaked that made a whole system run more efficiently.

4. Show a capacity for developing ideas
Ideas are an intrapreneur’s bread and butter. They instinctively look for a better way of doing things, knowing that this has the potential to make a positive difference to those around them. Highlight original ideas you’ve come up with that have brought about positive changes or led to something new and successful being introduced.

Your creativity needs to be supported by an ability to think critically about your decisions. Do your best to explain the ‘journey’ of how your idea came together and the reasons for the choices you’ve made.

Before starting any new job application it’s crucial that you consider the key qualities of an intrapreneur as well as clear examples of how you yourself embody these traits. Offering hard evidence to support your talents in this area will help show how you plan to add value to your potential employers.

Reference: Forbes; Enterprise Garage; Centre for Enterprise; Abintegro
23 Feb 2017